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  • Year Client Category Industry
    2018 Jean de Merry Communication Strategy & Management Design
    2018 Jean de Merry Graphic Design Design
    2018 Gabriel Scott Creative Direction Design
    2018 Want les Essentiels de la Vie Editorial Strategy Fashion
    2018 Magazyn Positioning Strategy Design
    2018 Magazyn Graphic Design Design
    2018 Appareil Architecture Communication Strategy & Management Architecture
    2018 In Toto Interior Photography Visual Storytelling
    2018 In Toto Website Design Visual Storytelling
    2018 Uncovr Communication Strategy & Management Travel
    2018 Uncovr Graphic Design Travel
    2018 Uncovr Website Design Travel
    2018 Uncovr Advertising Travel
    2018 Uncovr Strategy Travel
    2018 d'Armes Website Design Design
    2018 Idoine Bio Online Strategy Beauty & Cosmetics
    2017 Souk@Sat & Tourisme Montréal Content Marketing Strategy Design
    2017 UNTTLD Campaign Photography Fashion
    2017 Elle Québec Travel Photography Lifestyle
    2017 Ça va de soi Graphic Design & Art Direction Fashion
    2017 Ça va de soi Still Photography Fashion
    2017 Ça va de soi Website Design Fashion
    2017 Tavan Mitto Studio Branding & Graphic Design Fashion
    2017 Tavan Mitto Studio Website Design Fashion
    2017 Unttld E-Commerce Photography Fashion
    2017 Unttld Website Design Fashion
    2017 Idoine Bio Website Design Beauty & Cosmetics
    2017 H Parfums Website Design Perfumes
    2017 H Parfums Editorial Photography Perfumes
    2017 H Parfums Branding & Graphic Design Perfumes
    2017 Ça va de soi Online Strategy Fashion
    2017 Unttld Backstage Photography Fashion
    2017 Nós Website design Architecture
    2017 Nós Graphic Design Architecture
    2017 Anniversary Magazine Lifestyle Photography Publishing
    2017 Tavan & Mitto Website Design V2 Fashion
    2017 Lazypants Products Photography Fashion
    2017 Alain Assedo Website Design Fashion
    2017 Unttld Behind the Scene Photography Fashion
    2017 Alain Assedo Opticien Art Direction and Photography Fashion
    2017 Tavan & Mitto Lookbook photography Fashion
    2017 Cabinet Éphémère Website Design V2 Fashion
    2017 Henriette L. Graphic Design Fashion
    2017 Éditions de Robes E-Commerce Photograpny Fashion
    2017 NEO Branding Fashion
    2016 Studio Oliver Gustav New York Interior Photography Design
    2016 Studio Oliver Gustav New York Product Photography Design
    2016 Charles Laurence Branding Architectes
    2016 - Lambert & Fils Studio Online Strategy Design
    2016 L'Émouleur Website Design Food & Entertainment
    2016 L'Émouleur Editorial Photography Food & Entertainment
    2016 L'Émouleur Product Photography Food & Entertainment
    2016 - Souk@Sat Online Stragegy Design
    2016 - Henriette L. Online Strategy Fashion
    2016 Henriette L. Website Design Fashion
    2016 - Éditions de Robes Online Strategy Fashion
    2016 Cabinet Éphémère Website Design Fashion
    2016 Agence Beau-Vin Website Design Wine & Spirits
    2016 Azamit Pop-Up Home Event Photography Lifestyle
    2016 Azamit Pop-Up Home Website Design Lifestyle
    2016 Azamit Pop-Up Home Graphic Design Lifestyle
    2016 The Unscented Company E-Commerce Photography Home Goods
    2016 The Unscented Company Photography Production Home Goods
    2016 The Unscented Company Website Design Home Goods
    2015 Caisse Populaire Desjardins Art Direction Banking
    2015 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Installation Art
    2015 Tavan & Mitto Website Design Fashion
    2015 Tavan & Mitto Graphic Design Fashion
    2015 Sean Rudman Website Design Art
    2015 Michel Brisson Website Design Fashion
    2015 Éditions de Robes Website Design Fashion
    2015 AL Finance Branding Finance
    2015 AL Finance Website Design Finance
    2015 Brethren & Some/things Graphic Design & Publishing Fashion
    2015 Brethren Campaign Photography Fashion
    2015 Brethren & Some/things Art Direction & Editorial Photography Fashion
    2015 Gestion Lesage Branding Finance


    & Tourisme Montréal



    Content Marketing Strategy


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    Nate Husser [Husser].jpg

    Content Marketing Strategy for
    Souk@Sat & Tourisme Montréal

    For its 14th edition, the yearly design event Souk@Sat made threefold responsible for the development of its content marketing strategy. The mandat translated into the creation of a video showcasing 11 influential personalities from Montreal's creative scene, sharing their "design destinations" and their love for the city. Prior to the event, a series of interviews with the same personalities was published on Tourisme Montréal blog, which allowed them to go deeper into their love declaration. 

    Threefold collaborated with Tourisme Montréal who acted as the official content broadcaster for the Souk@Sat's latest edition. 


    Creative Team

    Directed by
    Jesse Riviere

    Creative Director

    Produced by

    Video Production
    5 Pound Media

    Max Richter

    Laure Juilliard
    & Isa Tousignant

    Make-up & Grooming
    Joffrey Dumas



    Milk & Bone
    Camille Poliquin
    & Laurence Lafond-Beaulne

    Visual artist & Director
    Caroline Monnet

    Olive et Gourmando & Foxy
    Dyan Solomon

    Frank And Oak
    Ethan Song

    Off The Hook
    Harry Drakopoulos

    Julien Smith

    Leda St-Jacques
    Leda Montereali
    & Pierre St-Jacques

    Nate Husser
    Nate Husser

    Un peu plus loin
    Tamy Emma Pepin

    Lambert & Fils
    Samuel Lambert

    Atelier Zébulon Perron
    Zebulon Perron