Strategy, Design & Content

Creatives and businesses need to lead meaningful conversations.


threefold specializes in planning, developing and optimizing the essential elements that businesses needs to lead meaningful conversations with their audiences and to increase their brand capital. With an expanding network of artists, editors, strategists and developers, the agency masters multiple disciplines including website design and development, online advertising, brand identity, art direction, creative direction, photography and video production.

threefold is also the editor and publisher of anniversary magazine, where we feature curated stories in art, fashion, design and architecture, along with our own editorial, focusing on expanding our audience’s worldview and feeding their curiosity.


Our Services


Strategic Planning & Support
for Sales, Traffic and Brand Capital Growth.

Online Advertising Management & Optimization.

Digital User Experience Reporting & Optimization.

/ Strategy

Website, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging & Advertising.

/ Design

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Editorial and Publishing, Photography & Video Production.

/ Content

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We believe that trust and long term relationships
make success stories.

This philosophy is crucial to us for building strong relations with our clients, as well as our valued artists, editors, strategists and developers.

& Partners


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